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Odoo - Echantillon n°1 pour trois colonnes  

ESAIP Laptop - Nimbus 34 500

Enjoy great performances buying this ESAIP Laptop! Designed for gamers, this computer offers a perfect comfort with its 15.6" Full HD screen and its optimal audio system.


                  Oak's acorn ESAIP

You're a big fan of your school and you want to custom your garden or your "little" balcony ? Buy one of this Oak's acorn directly gathered from ESAIP yards. Once planted and maintained during some years, this acorn will become a beautiful Oak ESAIP's colours !

Odoo- Echantillon n° 3 pour trois colonnes 

ESAIP Tamagotchi limited edition

More compact and a better and an easier version than the original. Its features are: eat, sleep, forget to badge, be late and do its business like 20 years ago !

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